Day 2: 5th Sept. 2016, Harbour and RBG

So we took the extremely cool subway system (the rail has, like, 2 levels of seats and is so huge! 😮) and walked across the Harbour Bridge from Milson Point and saw Cockatoos along the bridge. 

Walked through the neighbourhood of The Rocks and Circular Quay. If I didn’t have a filling breakfast at the hotel, I would had bought myself a lovely and deliciously-looking pie from one of the cafes/bakeries there. But that calls for another trip there one of these days. 😏

So we walked and walked and walked, following the coast and found ourselves at the Harbour area. Blazing hot ☀️😅

And we walked somemore to the Royal Botanic Gardens and see Mrs. McQuarie’s Chair. Saw some tulips and plum blossoms while walking and came across an awesome limestone formation that made me think of Cappadocia in Turkey. 

Walked to Westfields at Sydney Tower before calling it a day. 

Where to on the morrow? Well, here’s a clue. 

“The sea. Beyond the sea, someone’s waiting for me…”🌊🏖

Not that there’s anyone I know who’s waiting for me. 



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