Day 8: 11 Sept. 2016, Sydney-Home

End notes:

One thing good about getting the airport shuttle is that we didn’t have to rush and worry about the time to get to the airport. has these kinds of add-ons. I took the package type of ‘flight and room’, and then add on the hotel-airport shuttle. It really makes things convenient and more affordable. 

Get the Opal card – New South Wales’ answer to public transportation payment. Be it buses, the metro, or even ferries, it covers all. Unfortunately, it can only be used in the state of NSW and not in other states. Just tap when getting on and off the public transport system, but do look out for the stainless steel “pillars” at certain locations where it doesn’t have any gantry points. These, with huge arrow stickers on the floor, are where you should tap your cards before and after taking the transport. 

Opal cards can be bought from convenience stores that sport the Opal logo. Top-ups can also be done at the stations themselves. 

As for the fares system, it seems that there is a cap of $2.50 of any trip on every Sunday, and for the rest of the days, there is a $60 cap from Monday to Sunday. This I have to read up on.

The weather in September is lovely. Not too cold even though it’s the beginning of Spring, as the sun is quite strong. Good to have sunscreen, but if you don’t have it, there are many pharmacies and even at the supermarkets that sell it. 

The international airport at Sydney has enough shops and eateries if you are early. I found a good Thai place there where the food is authentic enough and portions big enough to be shared between two to three adults. Just for my friend and I, we had a beef tomyum fried rice and a bowl of chicken tomyum soup. It was a good balance of spicy and sour. Total bill of $29 for those two dishes. Yum!

What else to write? Hmmm… 🤔

I think that’s about it. 



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