6 Dec. 2016 – Day 3: RBG

Cloudy 🌥 in the morning, super sunny ☀️in the afternoon.

🌿Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne🌼. 

Took the free tram 🚋 down to Flinder’s Street Station and then it’s across the bridge and down St. Kilda Road, by foot. 

I just found out that there’s a 2-day Melbourne Tourist Bus 🚌 Pass for $10/adult only, only after I had walked almost 2km. In the sun. 

Yes, I like the botanical gardens. 


Saw some interesting sights along the way back, like a gull having a cool dip in the fountain outside the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), and almost thought had some sort of sudden appration moment when I thought I was in Beijing, all thanks to the round gate of the NGV.

I’m turning in now. Super tired after a full day of walking around. Till tomorrow, good night!


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