11 Dec. 2016 – Day 8: Richmond, Freycinet National Park, Swansea

Moving out of Hobart today. 

Thank God for the free upgrade to the Kia Sportage! We intially rented a Toyota Camry but look at how our current number of luggage took up all the space in the boot. Don’t worry, there was enough space left for the humans. 😆

Here’s a view from the motel we stayed at for 2 nights.

The motel: Motel Mayfair 17-19 Cavell Street, Hobart. How was it? Well, from the outside it looked really nice and old, but the inside was sadly, old, like from the 1980s and they forgot to renovate it. It facilities in the room were all clean and good enough to be used, and there were electric blankets for each bed and a central heater in the sitting area, but it was just old. So if you don’t mind the older interior design but care more for the facilities, this place is just right.

So, our first stop was Richmond, about 30mins away feom Hobart. Lovely little town, with a historic brick bridge that was built by convicts in 1820s, and the equally old but lovely and serene St. John’s Catholic Church nearby. Stopped there for photos, stretch the legs a bit before moving on.

Moving on to Freycinet National Park, which was almost 2 hours away, we stopped at a little town by the sea for our picnic lunch and while driving to Freycinet, came across this lovely little isolated beach.

By then, we weren’t very far from the National Park.

Got to stop at the Visitors’ Centre to get the ticket for our car. It was $24 for a car, which was cheaper than paying per adult. Drive down the road somemore, following the road signs to Coles Bay. Our final destination was to see Wineglass Bay. Saw a few wallabies along the way, or was it the same one who hopped uphill through the bush faster than us? It was quite a climb, about an hour up, but the views, and fresh air, were worth it. 🌬😊 How shall I rate the climb? 3/5. Definitely need some minimum amount of fitness. Bring a hiking stick.

After that, it was (backtracked) to our lodging in Swansea for the night. Located right next to the beach, it was a clear night to star gaze but the temperature and the long drive tires me out early. I could only give myself some minutes to walk to the beach, look at the twinkling stars, find the Southern Cross stars, identify Orion’s Belt (and Orion himself), before calling it a night. 


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