13 Dec. 2016 – Day 10: Cradle Mountain

Launceston to Cradle Mountain⛰. Long drive 🚙 up and longer drive 🚙 down to Strahan. 

But it was all worth it! 

Okay, so when we got to Cradle Mountain, it was cloudy☁️, so the photos are not picture-perfect, but never mind that. It was really like the shape of a cradle. 

On another note, we saw a wombat at the carpark. 


Tickets bought from the Visitor’s Centre. 

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake! 

The sky was really cloudy despite it being about 3pm-ish. 

The water is so clear and cold! Brrr… 🏞

Button grass. Such tough tufts of grass.

If I had more time, I wouldn’t mind going on one of those short trails, and walking amidst such a unique landscape of short grass, water holes, and craggy mountains at your back. Quite like a scene from LOTR but not quite.

And that was it for the day, especially after the long drive down to Strahan. It was so tiring, what with the uphills and downslopes, C-curves, S-bends, oh my gosh… 😱 Oh well, I survived and brought the family down to our night’s accommodation safely. 


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