14 Dec. 2016 – Day 11: Strahan, Stanley, Launceston

After breakfast and checking out, we took another short walk to a waterfall, this time in Strahan. Hogarth Falls is located in People’s Park, Strahan. Look out for the signs to it, but it is basically located some where near the Visitor’s Centre. 

The walk is very manageable, under the shade of the trees and due to the rain the previous night, the whole place was very cooling. There’s only one trail, so it is really hard to get lost in there. Instead, take a look around as there are very interesting and informative signs about the various plants there. For a moment there, I was expecting some mini dinosaurs to pop out from the ferns.

Much to my dismay, the entire town of Strahan is Optus-unfriendly. You can only get Telestra signal there. Even the wifi at my accommodation was very weak. So, I was pretty much “handicapped” that one night. The visitor centre has very good wifi though. 

Goodbye Strahan! 

And we were on the road again.

Headed north to… 

Stanley! Main attraction at this super windy town is The Nut. It’s actually a volcanic plug left behind from ancient history. What’s left is what you see; a table-top plateau that’s accesssble by either a steep staircase climb or a AUD10 chairlift. We decided to admire this geographical entity from afar by braving the strong winds. Even the seagulls decided to lie down on the grass instead of taking to the skies.

We continued on to Launceston, but make a stop at the Makers’ Space Workshop in Burnie’s Visitor’s Centre. It’s a very interesting place that not only has travel information, but also a cafe, a gallery, and a shop which sells original items by local Makers, or crafters. It’s a good pit stop before hitting the road again. I was mentally exhausted by the time we drove into Launceston.

Stayed at The Olde Tudor Motel again. We got the same unit just two nights ago when we were in Launceston. Yay!

Good night.


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