15 Dec. 2016 – Day 12: Low Head & Georgetown

I fell in love…

With a beach. 


Think I left a part of my soul there.

Nothing to do with Horcruxes though. 

But, yeah. The beach is super lovely. 

See the photos for yourself.

But before we got there, we drove north from Launceston to a little village called Grindelwald (nothing to do with that dark wizard). One of the owners there was so taken with the actual Grindelwald village in Switzerland that he some-what modeled this place after it. 


We made a little stop as we crossed Batman Bridge at the River Tamar. 

Proceeded to Georgetown. Wanted to have tea at this place but when we got there, it has already closed for some time. Even reviewers on Google maps said the same. Oh well. Anyway, the pavements there have little sea-related mosaic murals embedded. So cute! 

After a lunch of pies and hot coffee, we went on to Low Head, just a very short drive further north of Georgetown. We visited the historic lighthouse. There are several in the area so do check your map for the correct one. 

Not this one. Further up the road.

Look out for this sign. This lighthouse is really facing the sea.

The lighthouse-keeper shared that there is a penguin colony on the land facing the sea. They will come in to nest among the low bushes in the evening. That explains the little feathers and bird poop at the base of those bushes.

And then, as we were driving back to Georgetown, we came across this lovely, lovely beach. The waters are so clear and the colours of the sky reflected on them. Sigh… I left my heart there. ❤️

How to get there? It’s a secret 😉. Find it yourself when you are in Low Head the next time. 😝


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