18 Dec. 2016 – Day 15: Singapore

Good bye, Melbourne, and Tasmania! And thank you for all the sights and experiences during the past two weeks!

Got the StarBus hotel shuttle to the airport. Really convenient.

Unfortunately at the airport, there was not only a long queue at the check-in counters, our luggage was over the scales so we had to do some last-minute repacking, and finally, our flight was delayed by almost an hour.

So… hmmm…

Our plane flew over the desert areas of Australia and for a moment, it looked like those images we had seen of Mars. Alien landscape, in all sense of the word.

Anyway, we finally got home alright on Scoot, surviving 7 hours of dozing and reading.

What an experience.

hahaha! 😀

Alien landscape


Leaving AustraliaIMG_2202



Day 14: 21 June 2016, Tokyo – Singapore

Last day or none at all, but just photos taken while on the route home from Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan, to Singapore, via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Went to catch my flight home real early. Flight was at 10:30am, so to get the first train and check-in at 7:30am, you can imagine how early I had to wake up.

By the way, I’m typing this from the airplane itself, using KLIA’s own free wifi. That’s strong. Going home. Feeling rather … -.-… about going back because that also means going back to work real soon.

Alright. Thanks for reading my posts and staying with me on this journey. 😊

I might be making some edits later.


Asakusa at 6am. Dog-owners and their dogs out for a morning stroll and gathering of sorts near the temple, with a cloudy sky flanking the SkyTree.

Sensō-ji itself, before the tourists swarm the area. Best time to take a photo of this famous place is early in the morning.

On the flight over a part of Japan. Can vaguely see the land mass down there.

At KLIA’s Starbucks. They never fail to spell my name wrongly even though I did spell it for them. Sigh…
Sitting in the plane, waiting for take off. 

Day 19: 15 Dec 2015, Tues, Haneda Airport

Going home.

Thank you for your hospitality and great sights, Japan. I have truly enjoyed my stay with you. May you always be cleaned and courteous. 

But please stop killing the whales and eating them.

There is a very convenient airport bus service to Haneda located just outside the JR Kamata station. ¥280 per adult one-way. There are 2 services per hour starting from 5am, at bus stop 0. (Please refer to the schedule below.)

Really convenient especially since we had spent the previous night at Hotel Mystays Kamata, which is just a 5mins walk away from the station and bus stop.

The ride to Haneda Airport  ç¾½ç”°ç©ºæ¸¯ from JR Kamata station, including traffic and stops, was about 25mins. Fast!  

Last night: Some food and drinks before going home. Kirin’s Lemon Tea and making use of the ice-cubes machine from the hotel. And of course, Morinaga custard pudding. Sigh… Going home soon…  

And to round up this trip, Nissin cup noodles for breakfast!!! And caramelised sweet potato sticks.

One thing I like about Japanese magazines are the bundled freebies. Hahaha!!! Â¥780 for a Moomin bag and pouch, and a Laura Ashley calendar. 

Last minute spending: Japanese Royce chocolates for the brother. 

Thank you, and good bye! Till the next trip, stay well and strong, Japan!