Recent Activities

Just a quick update of my recent wanderings.

Yesterday, Baka Neko and I arranged to meet at the music shop, Gramacy, at Tanjong Katong Road where we bought, what else!, music books before heading down to the Asian Civilisation Museum  at Empress Place for the Kangxi Exhibition being held there. We had a fun, educational and meaningful trip where we also discovered new feelings of our own selves while viewing the ancient relics and scrolls of the Qing dynasty emperor. A few of the paintings on show were really awesome as they were not only long scrolls of over 10metres but also the artists of those did a really fine job at depicting the emperor and his entourage among the people with such fine brush strokes. We were also bowled over by the typed-block printing done for the books and the calculators that were found in the emperor’s library. We somehow felt …(fill in the blanks)… after seeing all those tools. (Right, Neko???) The exhibition is now on till the 28th of June so you better catch it quick.

After our visit to the museum, we took a stroll past the Padang and via Citylink Mall to Suntec City. Six at Citylink Mall is having a sale where I bought 2 fashion rings and a pair of pearl studs, all for $18, $6 each item. 🙂 Baka Neko was feeling hungry and so, after going round in circles deciding on what to chomp on at the basement, we finally settled on Just Acia a.k.a Just Noodles where we had a really fulfilling and not too expensive meal. Actually, we only went round once. Lol! After that, we just walked around Suntec City, did some window shopping before going home with a new PC Game each from Popular bookstore which is now having a 50% off selected game titles. Lol!!!

Surprisingly, we left for home at about 9.30p.m. which is considered earlier than our usual time. We usually start going home after an evening out at about 10-10.30p.m.


Went to school for Band s0-called supervision this morning. Instead, was taught how to deal and do stock-checking by the Band teacher I/C . I tell you, despite it being many hours since I finished my part of the stock-checking, I still shudder at the thought of what I saw. Tubas totally knocked and dented, with green corrosion stains, the shine is definitely no longer there, and for those that are not in use, cobwebs in the bell. :S Major shudder. Have to thank God that there were no cockroaches or rats running out of those tubas. The woodwind instruments looked heavenly as compared with the brass and percussion, especially with the brass. I asked a student whether they had ever cleaned their brass instruments and the reply was that they only polished. Right. -.- Sigh. It will be a few years more before they can get better looking instruements to replace their scrap-metal. Sad. 😦 The percussions were in a mess. In fact, the smaller percussions were haphazardly kept in a worn out cardboard box which bottom was giving way. The xylophones and marching bells were totally no longer silver in colour. They were moltted with green spots. I can imagine the number of Brasso needed to clean those off the keys. Sigh. Oh well. People will argue that it is not the looks that are important but the quality of the music they play and I am not going to dispute that. I am saying that it will take some years to achieve a more professional look.


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